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MEOW Kettle  

Since the expression magnetic especially in the ormus planet, typically means a gadget which utilizes magnets, the response is no, not so much.  

Rather, the truth is that while magnetite is emphatically attractive that is, magnetite is unequivocally Paramagnetic, and will be firmly pulled in to a magnet the lion's share of particles in magnetite are not polarized, that is, they don't bear a critical measurable attractive polarization.  

Truth be told, if the mineral metal were polarized, then it might show rather diverse lands and might be called lodestone and not magnetite.  

Not just do the distinctive particles in the attractive dark sand not endure any huge attractive charge or extremity, however when they are utilized as fill as a part of a magnetite ormus water impact (MEOW) unit, the mass does not display any net attractive polarization or charge.  

Frequently put a compass neighboring the outer surface of your customary MEOW kettle, and for the dominant part of the MEOW kettle, the compass needle does not encounter any avoidance from indicating north when the compass is close to the apparatus.  

You will see much the same effect that is, absence of any net attractive field or charge because of the mass of magnetite - when I test the zone quickly encompassing the outer surface of the MEOW kettle with a touchy and little DC magnetometer test or when I utilize the test to investigate the space inside the empty inward barrel of a MEOW unit. MEOW (Magnetite Effect Ormus Water) 



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